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"Where is the grass greener? Where you water it."

Muskegon, Michigan

Movies on the beach in Muskegon, Mi this summer

Click to vote for the Fat Garden Project in Muskegon, Mi



Interesting article on Buster about Muskegon, his broken ankle, and his engagement to Natalie


Still don’t understand why his family didn’t go…


The Actors Colony at Bluffton (Muskegon) built their first clubhouse on the shores of the lake, The Cobwebs & Rafters, in 1907 (imagine those parties!!!).  By 1916, so many of their members had purchased boats that a “yacht club” was formed and a new headquarters erected.  Years later, as membership dwindled and actors left the colony, someone penned the following lament, called “The TCYC Blues”:


Good times every night all summer long. 

Down at the clubhouse

So far, there’s been nothing going wrong.

Down at the clubhouse

Lots of clowns from whot to choose

No one’s ever been known to refuse

And so we’ve had no T.C.Y.C. Blues.

You’ve all heard the knockers club and little Nell

Down at the clubhouse

At Ella Rawl’s rose dance, you’ve all laughed like hell

Down at the clubhouse

You’ve all seen Buster on a wild, wild cruise

With his Peerless, red sweater and his tennis shoes

But you’ve never heard those T.C.Y.C. Blues

Those Club House Blues.

You’ve all seen that famous statue clog

Down at the clubhouse

The tity-tot man, Miss Mosquito and the frog

Down at the clubhouse

Every one has been unthused, with the guy from Texas

But that’s no news,

You’ve never heard those T.C.Y.C. Blues.

Pop Millard is the stewart, pro tem

Down at the clubhouse

We’ve had singing and dancing in our little shack

For the beef steak and fish-fries, how our lips smack

We’ve had a surprise and the quartette in tune

But we love best Joe Keaton and his Mr. Coon.

Old Geo. Lovett left us flat and said good-bye

Down at the clubhouse

Pearl Bros., Burns and Patsy Barrett sailed for Chi.

Down at the clubhouse

Everybodys leavng by 3’s and 2’s

And as each familiar face we loose

You’re going to hear those T.C.Y.C. Blues.

Pretty soon there won’t be anybody here

Down at the clubhouse

All locked up and no one gargling beer

Down at the clubhouse

Where ever we are on the old cho-cho’s

Rockford, Chapaign, Kalamazoos

Somebody’s going to sing those T.C.Y.C. Blues

Those Club House Blues.



fygr: Playground of the Nation

fygr: Playground of the Nation

Asparagus Parade in Hart, Michigan

Asparagus Parade in Hart, Michigan

Silver Lake (Pure Michigan on the Sunset Side)

Silver Lake (Pure Michigan on the Sunset Side)



mLive: NBC-TV's 'Today Show' features Rob Bliss' Grand Rapids Lip Dub on national TV [yesterday] morning


From the video:

Hoda: A lot of times the national media doesn’t know what’s happening and they come in, they parachute and they write a story —

Kathie Lee: It’s flyover country to them, and great people live in that part of the country!